My name is Jérémy Milhau

I am was a Ph.D. student

My Ph.D. thesis in computer sciences was about formal methods, MDA translations and information system access control policies. I am now at Université Paris Est Créteil (France) and I spend some time at Université de Sherbrooke (Canada).

That's me ☞

What about work?

I currently work for Amadeus. You can find my résumé here, my M.Sc. thesis there and my Ph.D. thesis too! You can also search all my publications.
They are not as complicated as they seem!

I used to run half marathon

Did you know that the exact distance of half marathon is 21.0975 km? This is due to one exigent monarch...

I love to travel!

Last destination was Rome!

I like Google & Android

I am used to be the president of Paris GTUG and a writer at Zorgloob, a Google-centric blog with news, tips and updates.


Depending of the moment of the day, the week and the year, I may be here or far away. Please use Google, Twitter or Facebook to contact me. I do not use Facebook and Twitter anymore …